Bits and Bobs - VERTICAL weekly kit
Bits and Bobs - VERTICAL weekly kit

Bits and Bobs - VERTICAL weekly kit

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Kit contains 5 x Large Sheets

Sheet 1 :
8 x Full Boxes
8 x Headers
4 x Little Things Headers
6 x Misc. Headers

Sheet 2:
8 x Ombre Heart Checklists
8 x Headers
4 x Little Things Headers
2 x Misc Headers
1 x Appointment Strip
1 x Quarter Box
1 x Cancelled Strip

Sheet 3:
28 x Washi Strip in varying sizes
4 x 1/3 boxes
4 x Half Boxes
6 x 1/4 boxes
4 x Appointment Boxes

Sheet 4: Functional Sheet
7 x Heart Checklists
7 x 3 Heart Checklists
1 x Weekend Banner
7 x Food Icons
2 x Trash Icons
2 x Shopping Icons
3 x Cleaning Icons
2 x Washing Icons
4 x TV icons
1 x Heart
1 x Planner Mini
1 x $ signs
2 x Page Flags
2 x 3 Heart Check Box
1 x Weekly Side Bar
2 x Habit Tracker
2 x To Clean Checklists
2 x To Buy Checklists
2 x To Go Checklists
1 x Payday Flag

Sheet 5:
2 x Bottom Washi for the EC Vertical
2 x Double dots appointment strips
5 x 1/2 boxes
1 x Bill Due Sticker
1 x Cancelled Strips
1 x Rescheduled Strips
3 x Page Flags
4 x Appointment Boxes
13 x Misc. Icon Stickers

These stickers are kiss cut and ready to peel-and-stick into your planner!

They come in a range of colour as shown in the picture!

These are printed on PREMIUM white sticker paper

I try to ensure that the colours displayed are as accurate as possible, but it does depend on the device you view the images on.

All items are shipped from Adelaide - See Australia post for shipping times

Items come shipped in a rigid mailer to help ensure they are not bent or damaged

Enjoy, and happy planning!
xx ThatPlannerGirl